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The main purpose of this page is to answer the frequently asked questions. Hopefully this will be enough to get you going when you get stuck while using the WOT Statistics application. There is a help file with in the program which is accessible by pressing F1 while you have focus on the application.

  • Q: Do you access any of my personal information. Like my password or any other of my account information?
  • A: No, the dossier file does not contain any of your personal details.
  • Q: I keep on getting the following error "System.Exception: SQL logic error or missing database no such table: RecentBattles_Session". How can it be resolved?
  • A: Please note by doing this you will loose you recent battle history. You will need to do this for every player that is linked to your account.
    Download the the database template Here.
    Copy this file into you history folder %appdata%\WOT Statistics\Hist_[Replace_With_Player_ID]\LastBattle\
    If the same file already exists you can replace it.
  • Q: How does the application store your world of tanks statistic file?
  • A: The files are stored on a daily basis. At midnight a new file is started. World of Tanks create a dossier file which contains running totals.
  • Q: Do the application use the internet?
  • A: Yes, it connects to the saais server on startup to check that you have the latest version installed, it also check that you are running the latest version of setting, translation and images.
  • Q: How can I translate the application into my language?
  • A: Send me a mail, and I will get you started. N Saaiman

    You can also indicate on one of the forums that you would like to do a translation.

  • Q: My Recent battles shows incorrect values?
  • A: Follow these steps to ensure the app records the recent battles correctly
    • Make sure the application is running in the backgorund while you are playing the game. best would be is to start the application before starting the game client.
    • Do not exit the game while you still have a tank in battle. You can exit to the garage without a problem and carry on playing, but before exiting the game to windows make sure all your tanks are out of battle
  • Q: What is delta?
  • A: A delta is the difference between two points. In the scope of this application it will be the difference between two dates. Example : On 3rd March 2012 you total damage was 10 000 and on the 4th March your total damage is 15 000 . This will then give you a delta of 5 000.
  • Q: The application stopped working. What can I do?
  • A: 9/10 time this is cause by an invalid setting in the user.xml file, from V2.0.0.0 I have included a file located in your folder where you have installed WOT Statistics. When you run this file it will reset the user.xml file back to its original state (You will not loose your history data). After the file has been restored you will need to setup your players again.

    The file to reset the user.xml is called "WOTStats.Reset.exe".

  • Q: My application won's startup and give me a error. What can I do? (App giving the following error message "Problem Event Name: CLR20r3")
  • A: Possible causes can be that when you installed the app the security on the pc didn't allow the folder creation in the application folder.

    Check the if the following file exists. "%appdata%\WOT Statistics\User.xml". If this file doesn't exists, create the folder. Then from the installation folder copy the users.xml file into the folder. Also create a new folder within and call it "Temp".

    Should the "%appdata%\WOT Statistics\User.xml" file exists please run the "WOTStats.Reset.exe" file from the installation folder to reset the user.xml file, as the user.xml file could have been corrupted/.

  • Q: I have ressetted my user.xml file but application still doesn't want to run. What can I do?
  • A: Please check that your anti virus is not blocking or sandboxing the application.
  • Q: Can you show credits (in game silver)?
  • A: No, the dossier file does not contain any information about your your credit earnings.
  • A: Will start working on this soon.
  • Q: What is the formula for the efficiency calc that you use?
  • A: T=(Tier * Battles) / Battles

    Old formula
    (Kills * (350.0 - (T) * 20.0) + Damage * (0.2 + 1.5 / (T)) + 200.0 * Spotted + 150.0 * Defence + 150.0 * Capture) / Battles

    The Calc in action can be found here http://wot-news.com/index.php/stat/calc/en

  • New Formula (from V2.0.5.0)
    DAMAGE * (10 / (TIER + 2)) * (0.23 + 2 * TIER / 100) * 250 + frags SPOT * 150 + (log (CAP + 1,1.732 )) * 150 + 150 * DEF

    The Calc in action can be found here http://wot-news.com/stat/calc/en

    So onto the next question. Is this formulas sufficient? and the answer to that is No , but they keep on working on it to make it better

  • Q: Why is delta column in Recent Battles different from other delta columns?
  • A: The difference shown on the Recent Battles report is not a delta column is a comparision column between how you did in the single game and what your current values are. It only shows you if you did better or worse than your global values.
  • Q: Do you accept donations?
  • A: Keeping the application up and running takes time, server hosting and bandwith. If you feel the application is contributing towards the game. Please spares a couple of dollars to cover some of the cost.

  • Q: Is any of the data associated with maps;such as win/loss numbers by map?
  • A: No
  • Q: Why doesn't my app auto refresh?
  • A: Make sure "Monitor Dossier On Startup" is ticked.
  • Q: The "Recent Battles" report does not match back to "Tanks" report. Why is this happening?
  • A: There could be a number of reason why the "Recent Battles" report totals don't match up to the "Tanks" report.
    • The "Recent Battles" report totals is only totals for entries in the report list. If your list only allows for 20 entries it will be totals for the 20 entries.
    • The "Recent Battles" report could contain more than one days values as where the "Tanks" report will only contain one days battles. (assuming your selection period is set to Previous -> Current)
    • When entries are grouped, they get averaged to show one record. this mainly happens when the app was not running. or the app backs down (i'll explain later)
    • The app will not read the dossier while while the game is busy with it. This is to prevent that the game crashes. If the app finds that the game is busy with it. It backs down and will try later.